BoardMaps is an 'out-of-the-box' product that can be customized according to your specific of business processes
  • Organize and conduct meetings in any combination of in-person, in absentia and remote
  • Securely access the latest meeting materials offline (thanks to background syncing)
  • Make annotations and comments to materials
  • Use built-in controls of the current status of meetings
  • Notify meeting participants of important events (notifications, pop-up messages, push notifications)
  • Discuss a matter in multiple collegial bodies as appropriate
  • Maintain meeting calendars
  • Communicate with other participants via instant messaging
  • Securely broadcast meetings and presentations online
  • Use e-signatures to make voting legally binding
  • Generate meeting minutes automatically
  • Get comprehensive control of action items implementation
  • Integrate BoardMaps with existing software for managing e-documents, accounting, inventory, etc.
  • Protect data and control access rights - AES encryption, secure data transfer protocol
  • Get detailed information on participants and the structure of a company
  • Incorporate brand elements in the system interface - logo, corporate colors
  • Choose between on premises and cloud licensing as needed
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