Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Board Software

board software

Technological solutions, when implemented correctly, do absolute wonders for an organization’s productivity and profits. There’s one caveat to the above statement—that being the word “correctly.” To implement solutions the right way necessitates choosing a technology that encapsulates the ideal fit for an organization. Why? Because implementing tech that doesn’t fit will cost companies both time and money…

Five Tips to Help Boards Attract Top Generation Z Talent

Generation Z

63 million generation Z job seekers (those born as early as 1995) are poised to disrupt the workforce in the coming years. These workers are digital natives, not knowing a time when libraries and encyclopedias were necessary for research. As such, ‘Z’ is a generation that differs more from its predecessors than any others in history….

How Can a Board of Directors Successfully Oversee Company Culture?

company culture

Erasing the “Buzzword” Stigma Let’s get the elephant out of the room before going any further: Yes, the term “company culture” has become something of a buzzword. Too many organizations bandy the term about with reckless abandon. There isn’t much thought into what it means. It’s known to be something that executives are “supposed to…

Four Savvy Tips On How to Increase Board Meeting Effectiveness

board meeting effectiveness

As the old saying goes, time is money. Yet, when it comes to meetings in the workplace, the “time is money” mantra seems to get thrown out the window. Too often is it that unprepared speakers seemingly wing it and make the same points over and over again. It might seem unfair to call unproductive,…

The Importance of Using a Board Portal in the Real Estate Industry

real estate board portal

Anybody who’s part of a real estate board of directors knows their role pulls them in approximately a million different places at once. First and foremost, they must worry about having the know-how and expertise to invest in valuable properties. Meaning, they require a firm grasp on real estate trends as they form. Furthermore, they…

Collaborative Governance in Higher Education

collaborative governance

Board governance seems like it would be naturally collaborative. After all, board directors should be putting together their collective minds to ensure their organization is headed in the most lucrative path. However, collaborative governance isn’t just a term to get everyone holding hands and working together. It’s an entire strategy that’s used in planning, regulating,…

Introducing Board Management Software to a Board

board management software

Board Members Are Living in a Fast-Paced World Board members tend to have a lot on their plate. As a director, they’re likely on the move, looking to network and make things happen for the organization. Beyond that, many members of a board are also high-ranking executives within the company. They have a hefty workload…

Benefits of Using a Board Portal in the Healthcare Industry

healthcare board

Healthcare is an industry where the stakes are high. Anybody on a board of directors will be charged with crucial decisions that can impact the overall well-being of patients. These decisions are responsible for saving lives. Deciding how to run hospitals and medical practices have many facets and moving parts. Trying to do so without…

How to Increase Accountability and Transparency in the Boardroom

boardroom accountability and transparency

Sometimes, working on a board of directors can give people an inflated sense of entitlement. In the television hit, Mad Men, Big Boss Roger Sterling says how “being the guy with his name on the door makes you feel like you can get away with everything.” This statement came after he acted untowardly towards the…

Evolving Board of Director Recruitment Strategies

board recruitment

Boards of directors should be comprised of top performers with a knack for success. Well, that’s not just a statement that falls under the category of “incredibly obvious things to say.” Instead, it’s something board members ought to remind themselves of when it comes to filling vacancies on the board. Sometimes boards are caught off…