When Should Company Bylaws Be Updated?

discussing company bylaws

It’s only natural for people to become set in their ways. And grouping a bunch of people together into a collective (i.e., a board of directors), can increase the stubbornness tenfold. It’s not entirely uncommon for organizations – starting at the top – to follow procedures because ‘that’s how they’ve always been done.’ No matter…

Consent Agendas: A Time-Conscious Board Member’s Best Friend

meeting using consent agendas

There’s nothing worse than board meetings that spend too long on unurgent topics that should necessitate minimal discussion. Yes, rudimentary policies and procedures issues should always remain under some scrutiny, at least. But that doesn’t mean these items should chew into the time allotted for more pressing matters. To combat such an obstacle, boards of…

Maximizing Your Value from Day One: Crucial Tips for New Board Members

new board members taking notes

Even directors who’ve been on a board for years can find it challenging to meet expectations and make a positive impact in their role. As such, we fully appreciate the obstacles faced by anyone who’s recently become a board member. Of course, the positives of this role vastly outweigh the negatives, but that doesn’t mean…

Why Your Board Needs a Risk Committee

manage risk committee

With technology growing at rapid rates, organizations in all industries are open to an array of pathways yet to be traveled. Now, this is quite positive. Businesses benefit from previously inconceivable opportunities to increase profits. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. The world is an increasingly complicated place—and as tech grows at a lightning pace,…

What Are Circular Motions?

circular motion agreement

When the board of directors of an organization signs a document with wording implicating that they are in favor of the proposed resolution, it’s called a circular motion. Companies with established procedures will utilize circular motions instead of passing a resolution at a convened board meeting. Circular motions are appropriate for routine resolutions that rouse…

How to Measure the Overall Effectiveness of Board Meetings

business woman balancing effectiveness of board meeting

During board meetings, boards of directors reach the crucial decisions that shape a company’s culture, business model, and vision for the future. It’s also where board-members can collaborate and innovate in a way that sets their organization ahead of the pack. When a board member partakes in productive and engaging meetings, there’s a trickle-down effect…

Types of Board Committees

a board committee during a board meeting

The work of a board of directors is accomplished through an array of smaller groups within its sphere.  Boards commonly leverage standing, ad hoc, advisory, steering, and executive committees to ensure optimal efficiency. Every board of directors needs to be diligent about assessing their committee structure. For instance, in a leaner organization, limiting the number…

Relationship Between Independent Auditors and Boards of Directors

independent auditor looking at financials

To stay on the stock exchange, all publicly traded companies in the U.S. require a qualified audit committee. The committees are charged with overseeing financial reporting and disclosure. Given how integral they are are to a company’s board of directors, the word of these auditors carries plenty of weight in any organization.  Also, the laws…

How to Write Effective Meeting Minutes

meeting secretary taking meeting minutes

Board members and executives can’t afford to veer off track during meetings – and need to maximize their efficiency down to the last second. Yet, all too often, these meetings fall off the rails. Suddenly, instead of talking about matters most vital to the organization, boards of directors get stuck on smaller, sometimes irrelevant details….

Best Practices for Nonprofit Boards of Directors

Nonprofit volunteers

The phrase ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ can ring true for boards of directors of nonprofit organizations. Financially, they’re already behind the eight-ball. This hurdle makes the challenges faced by board members stifling – primarily if these organizations don’t have the right systems in place. Without profits, a strategy maximizing every resource to its fullest…