How to Prepare Your Board for Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues

ESG sustainable energy wind turbine

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have to do with investing in a business that sustainably and ethically impacts the world. It’s sometimes synonymous with socially responsible investing and impact investing.  Regardless of the terminology, in 2019, companies must operate in a way that benefits the environment and communities. On top of that, these organizations…

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Top 5 Ways to Make Your Board Meetings Fun and Successful

A fun board meeting

Board meetings tend to have a reputation – gray decor, old men in suits, long reports flooded with numbers with ludicrously small font sizes and dreary debates that range from monotonous to terrifying. The board in general has long suffered from a poor reputation as less of a supportive structure to the CEO, and more…

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What is Unanimous Consent?

unanimous consent at a board meeting

For the most part, when a board of directors alters business operations or procedures, there’s some form of preceding written motion. However, ad hoc and in-the-moment diversions from company standards can happen when obtaining the consent of all present board members. This method of veering away from an organization’s usual standards and practices is known…

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How long should a board meeting last?

Proper length of a board meeting

When a board meeting runs too long, it can be detrimental to your organization for several reasons. First and foremost, it throws off schedules. On top of that, the more extended the meeting, the less engaged its attendees. It’s an inefficiency that stems from poor planning, communication, and execution.  Conversely, board meetings that end in…

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What is Written Consent?

man in a suit remotely attending a meeting

Board meetings are essential for any business. Directors of corporations or startups looking to pass vital motions, discuss the business’s current status, or plan for the future need semi-regular meetings to remain proactive and informed. However, in these organizations, time-sensitive business opportunities arise on a frequent enough basis that planning a board meeting doesn’t always…

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