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What’s Holding Back More Diversity on the Board?

board diversity

Diversity on a board of directors has so many benefits that it’s difficult to count. Still, when hearing statistics such as the fact that only 26% of seats are taken up by women on the S&P 500, it’s clear that diversity is still lacking on boards. Of course, ethically, it’s just not particularly sound only to be…

What to Look for in Senior Executives

senior executive

For seasoned board members and any other kind of executive, it’s always good to assess what it is that constitutes a dependable, effective senior executive. Otherwise, it’s likely to rest on one’s laurels and fall into bad habits. Conversely, newer board members and executives might still be learning what encapsulates a quality member of a…

The Importance of Diversity on Boards of Directors

A diverse board of directors around a table during a meeting

It’s only natural to stick with what – and who – we know. Psychologically, even if it’s to one’s own detriment, people prefer familiar surroundings. All it takes is assessing one’s own group of friends or peers to confirm this notion.  Unfortunately, the above approach frequently spills into the workplace, at the expense of a…