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Why an Education Board Should Use a Digital Meeting Management Solution

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It’s now the year 2019. Yet, when looking into the various processes and procedures involved in a given board of education’s meetings, one would think it was 1993. Sure, grunge music was great, and everybody loves to wear plaid. But with the wealth of technology available to boards of education, they’re failing to generate the…

Benefits of Using Tablets in the Boardroom

tablets in the boardroom

Tablet computers like the iPad have changed the way the world consumes content and the way everybody views portable computer systems in general. Many people get excited about the opportunities to browse the internet, listen to music, or to play games in a sleek, non-clunky manner. However, tablets aren’t just valuable for consumers utilizing the…

Five Tips on How Boards Can Enhance Their Online Security

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One study from Duke University shows that 80% of all US companies have been hacked in an attempt to steal or alter data. In 2019, breaches that damage a company’s image and shareholder value are an almost monthly occurrence. It’s not that these organizations ignore cybersecurity. These risks are a top priority of many companies,…