How to Manage Groups
From your admin dashboard, you will click which company you are wanting to manage. Once the company loads, click "Groups" on the left-hand side.

1. Add/Remove Employees

To add employees, click "Add User" and all your active employees will load. You will check the box next to all desired employees and click "Save."
To remove employees, click the "Participants" tab. You can choose to remove them by clicking the "X" by their title.
2. Setting the Coordinator/Leader

The coordinator and leader can be selected from the "Information" tab within the group. Scroll down and click "Edit" next to each role and select your desired coordinator and leader.

3. Setting the Order/Subcommittee

When inside the "Groups" tab, select "Add Committee or group," and fill out the group's information. To make this group a subcommittee, choose which group it is a subcommittee of by selecting it under the field "Top level governing body."
NOTE: The order of groups can be edited by changing the number in the "Display order" field.

Last updated: January, 31 2020
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