How to Create an Action Item
To create an Action Item, click "Action Items" from the Main Menu. The screen will load, and you will see a list of all Action Items created.
For Tablet/Phone Users:

To create an Action Item, click the "+" from the top left. The screen will load, and you will get the same form as seen below.
From here, you will click "Create Action Item." Once you have clicked this button, you will be prompted to input the necessary information for your Action Item.

NOTE: You will notice a tab for "Recurring Action Item" as highlighted above. This tab will allow you to select the frequency for an Action Item be duplicated on an ongoing basis.
Once you have entered and saved all pertinent information, you can click "Save" in the bottom right and the individual you assigned to the Action Item will be notified.

Last updated: January, 29 2020
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