How to Vote
To cast a vote in your present meeting, you will click "Join meeting In-motion" and will be brought to the item that is currently being voted on.
You cast your vote by clicking "For," "Against," or "Abstained."
Tablet/Phone Users:

The voting process remains the same, but the option to vote looks like this.
NOTE: "Dissenting Opinion" does not have to be clicked unless required. Also, depending on which settings are enabled, you might not be able to leave a dissenting opinion if you voted "For."
A consent screen will load only if written consent is selected. If so, if you choose to confirm your vote, then click "Vote." If you would like to change your selection, then click "Back."
NOTE: If you are not able to vote yourself, you can have the meeting coordinator do so on your behalf.
NOTE: If you are not in the meeting in motion, you can vote from the "TO-DO" section in the dashboard. You can do this by clicking the hyperlink under "Voting" and the item will load that is requiring a vote.

Last updated: January, 29 2020
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